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    let's embrace a clean energy future Ahead supplies quality Solar Panels and LED Lighting systems to the people of the UK
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    the ultimate clean energy source - harness the sun directly with Ahead Solar Panels - specifically designed for UK conditions
  • Custodians for our kids
    our children deserve the best we can do - at Ahead we strive to bring inexpensive and efficient energy systems for the benefit of everyone
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    Solar Panels & LED Lighting the perfect mix for reducing your energy consumption, your energy bills and CO2 emissions

UK Solar Panels & LED Lighting

Ahead Renewable Energy specialises in quality Solar Panels and LED lighting systems for the retail and wholesale markets.  With an emphasis on quality assurance and competitive pricing, Ahead supplies the global market with superior products and services.

Solar Fact!!!Solar Panels reduce your electricity bills and help protect you from increases in energy charges

LED Fact!!!LED Lights can save up to 80%-90% on electricity compared to halogen or flourescent lightbulbs

Solar Panels

The need to harness the sun’s energy has never been greater. Ahead Renewable Energy has designed solar energy panels to help UK families reduce their energy bills. Start saving today

Energy Savings

Solar Panels are making bigger and bigger inroads globally and are starting to change the energy mix in many countries.  Find out more about how we can help reduce your energy consumption and charges

LED Lighting

UK families want to save money on their electricity bills. Ahead Renewable Energy is manufacturing and distributing LED lighting designed to reduce electricity usage. Reduce your bills

Energy Savings

Did you know that switching to LED lighting can reduce the lighting component of your energy bill by between 80% – 90%.  The argument to make the change is compelling – start saving today