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Solar Panels – powering the future

UK Roof Solar PanelOur Solar Panels

All our solar panels are produced at state of the art facilities.  Quality control is performed by independent third party organisations.

We flash test every solar panel for power output and performance.  We have the capability and certification to provide panels as small as 180W all the way to the powerful 300W solar panel. This enables us to provide panels for any installation regardless of its size.

Did you know?Solar Panels reduce your electricity bills but increase the value of your home

Your Peace of Mind

Our extensive warranties are a reflection of our belief in the quality of the materials, controls and rigorous tests to which every ahead solar panel is subjected.

All our panels come with a locally backed 20 year product warranty and industry leading performance guarantees.

The product efficiency will remain above 90% after 12 years and 85% after 25 years.


Our Commitment
Our commitment is to offer the latest in technical and scientific innovations, sustainable innovations, while ensuring cost effectiveness for all.

Our products are all supported by our industry leading warranties and performance guarantees to give installers and end users complete peace of mind.